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Announcing #EVLDota2


Today we’re proud to announce the newest addition to the EVL Gaming family, #EVLDota2! We’re excited to be working with the team formally known as “Team FNF”, who are a Division 2 team in the Dota scene. Team FNF has been participating in the current seasons Battle Cup weekly tournaments that take place every Saturday starting May 6th and ending July 29th. The Champions Cup taking place on August 5th.

For those not familiar with the Battle Cup, it’s Valve’s new way for teams to qualify for the qualifiers to play in the Majors that take place every year. Team FNF has multiple wins under their belt in the Battle Cup, even winning last weeks (July 15th) under the EVL Gaming name! We’re excited to see where #EVLDota2 goes and can’t wait!


Fade – Carry

Homura – Mid

Myu – Offlane

Arseegee – Support

4ONE9 – Support

Give them all a warm EVL welcome!



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