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Announcing the TFTV Netplay Open – Sponsored by


We are proud to announce that EVL Network will sponsor the TFTV Netplay Open with $100 in seed money used for the prize pool. TFTV Netplay Open is a Super Smash Bros: Melee Tournament hosted by EVL_Chompskye and Flatline. The event takes place Saturday November 12th at 4pm EST. Players who wish to register for the event should signup on the TFTV post.

Big thanks to Matcherino for providing us with donation coupon code “evlgg” which will add $1 to our prize pool! It’s free to use just the coupon code.

Finally, will also provide snapbacks and posters with the proceeds going to the prize pool. Check out the Matcherino page for the TFTV Netplay Open!


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