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EVL.GG TF2 at Rewind LAN – Esports Arena


This weekend the EVL.GG Team Fortress 2 Team will be attending the Rewind LAN. Hosted by Esports arena. The team is playing in the invite LAN and will be streamed live on Esports Arena twitch channel.

Thanks to for putting together an excellent viewers guide right here.

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"@theownagekiller It's a few hours from now. Here's the ESEA page for the match:"
"Tonight #EVLTF2 actually takes on Hibbleton!"
"#ICYMI We're officially part of the @JerkyPro family! Use code "EVLGG" on your next purchase to save 5%!"
"The #EVLFAM has a big day ahead of them. #EVLSmash plays in the Aon Omega event and @EVLMannyB plays in the Gears Microsoft Lan event!"