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#EVLTF2 will be joining Ma3la’s new org ‘Ascent’ (name pending)


In a quick turn of events, an agreement has been reached for the #EVLTF2 to be bought out and join the new org, Ascent by Invite Player Ma3la. While we’re sad to see our longtime players go, we wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors. From a mid-tier Invite team to the #2 Invite team over multiple seasons, we are glad we were part of that journey along with them. Thank you to Rando, Bdonski, Corsa, Nursey, Yomps, and Paddie for helping to turn what was just supposed to be a sponsorship into a full fledged organization.

With the buyout of the #EVLTF2 team, the remaining teams in EVL Gaming are: Super Smash Bros Melee and Gears of War 4. These next few days/weeks we will be taking a step back to assess what game(s) we feel like would be a good fit for the #EVLFAM. We’re always open to suggestions and you can send us your ideas to

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"Keep your chin up Myu. Nothing you could have done about the forfeit 😞"
"#ICYMI We are looking at expanding our reach into the titles below. If you or know of a team, shoot us an email at…"
"Happy Birthday to our awesome #GearsofWar4 streamer: @danielv0818"