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Fast Hardware

Ryzen 7 and Intel Coffee Lake CPU’s with DDR4 Memory

Pterodactyl Panel

You know it, you love it. It’s the most popular game server control panel!

Free backup

All servers include a free backup slot


Game Name
  • space Valheim
    cpu 10
    ram 4.5 GB
    bandwidth 5 GBNVME/SSD
    price $13/mo
  • space Minecraft
    cpu Unlimited
    ram 1 GB
    bandwidth 15 GBNVME/SSD
    price $4/mo
  • space Rust
    cpu Unlimited
    ram 5GB
    bandwidth 10 GBNVME/SSD
    price $13/mo
  • space 7 Days To Die
    cpu 10
    ram 3 GB
    bandwidth 5 GBNVME/SSD
    price $10/mo
  • space ARK: Survival Evolved
    cpu Unlimited
    ram 5 GB
    bandwidth 15 GBNVME/SSD
    price $10/mo
  • space Left 4 Dead 2
    cpu 8+
    ram 1 GB
    bandwidth 15 GBNVME/SSD
    price $7.25/mo
  • space Factorio
    cpu 30
    ram 1 GB
    bandwidth 3 GBNVME/SSD
    price $5/mo
  • space Starbound
    cpu 10
    ram 3.5 GB
    bandwidth 3 GBNVME/SSD
    price $6.75/mo
  • space Killing Floor 2
    cpu Unlimited
    ram 4 GB
    bandwidth 25 GBNVME/SSD
    price $7.99/mo

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Game Server Features
Low Price Servers

We strive to keep our prices low for no-frills but reliable service. Want even more savings? Pre-pay for up to 1 year and save up to 25%

15-Day Money Back Guarantee

All of our Game Server products have a 15 day money back Guarantee. If you don’t like the service simply request a refund before 15 days into use and we will give you a 100% refund.

No limits on file uploads

All game servers run in an isolated docker container, allowing you to mod any files you like. File access is through SFTP or via our web file browser.

Premium Network Blend

We use a premium network blend, Lumen, NTT, Telia, and Hurricane Electirc. This ensures low latency for most players in North America.

Frequently asked questions.
Empty Earth is one of our minecraft server customers. They have given us permission to list them here. You can join their server by connecting to or visit their website at If you have a server from us and wish to be listed here please contact us
Yes! Customers are able to setup sub-user accounts in the Pterodactyl control panel. You can customize the type of access and share it with someone else. Additionally, you are able to add additional contacts to your billing account at so that multiple people can enter support tickets, or pay invoices.
Our game server products all have a 15 day refund policy. If you don’t like the service you can cancel within 15 days and receive a full refund. Note that this only applies to the first month of service.
Yes! You will have full access to the game files and can install any mods you wish. Note that we don’t offer an auto-mod installer at this time. We also do not officially support mods, though we can usually help steer you in the right direction related to mods and how to install them.
Yes! Please contact our support team and they can assign additional ports for no extra cost. Certain ports may be unavailable.
All of our services are offered out of Dallas Texas. We currently do not have any other locations at this time.