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EVL Gaming acquires former Oni Esports Rocket League Team

We’re super excited to announce the newest addition to the #EVLFAM! We’ve been looking into expanding into different titles for quite some time, but not once did we think it would take us across the Atlantic to the country of […]


Announcing #EVLDota2

Today we’re proud to announce the newest addition to the EVL Gaming family, #EVLDota2! We’re excited to be working with the team formally known as “Team FNF”, who are a Division 2 team in the Dota scene. Team FNF has […]


#EVLGears adds two new players to the roster

Today we’re proud to announce the newest additions to the #EVLGears roster! DxMe5hoT (Domeshot) and KiddRockets will be joining the team for the upcoming second season of Gears of War 4. They will be joining the main roster while player […]


#EVLTF2 will be joining Ma3la’s new org ‘Ascent’ (name pending)

In a quick turn of events, an agreement has been reached for the #EVLTF2 to be bought out and join the new org, Ascent by Invite Player Ma3la. While we’re sad to see our longtime players go, we wish them […]


Newest addition to the #EVLGears Team!

We are excited to welcome Malik “Gonzo” Hawthorne to the EVL Gaming family! He will joining the #EVLGears team as their Coach and Team Manager for the upcoming Pro season!


Update on the EVLOW and EVLGears Teams

It is with great sadness that we announce today that our EVL Overwatch team has decided to disband due to internal issues within the team. The team has been a part of the EVL Gaming family since January of this […]


EVL.GG TF2 at Rewind LAN – Esports Arena

This weekend the EVL.GG Team Fortress 2 Team will be attending the Rewind LAN. Hosted by Esports arena. The team is playing in the invite LAN and will be streamed live on Esports Arena twitch channel. Thanks to for […]


Announcing the TFTV Netplay Open – Sponsored by

We are proud to announce that EVL Network will sponsor the TFTV Netplay Open with $100 in seed money used for the prize pool. TFTV Netplay Open is a Super Smash Bros: Melee Tournament hosted by EVL_Chompskye and Flatline. The […]


UGC HL Platinum Cast – Season 19, Playoffs Week 2

UGC Playoffs Week 2 – Dunning-Kruger Effect v4 v The Knotty Buoys (aka Bote Team) It’s week 2 of playoffs and that means for the first match of the week we’re going to the upper bracket, where DK is facing […]


UGC HL Platinum Cast – Season 19, Playoffs Week 1

UGC Playoffs Week 1 – The Delisi Experience v Man Crush Monday! It’s week 1 of playoffs boys, and that’s right… It’s time for cp_steel. You either love it, or you hate it, and we’re gonna be casting it! Join […]

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