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UGC HL Platinum Cast – Season 19, Playoffs Week 2


UGC Playoffs Week 2 – Dunning-Kruger Effect v4 v The Knotty Buoys (aka Bote Team)

It’s week 2 of playoffs and that means for the first match of the week we’re going to the upper bracket, where DK is facing off versus the Bote Team on koth_product_rc8. Who will take home the upper bracket win? How will Bote fare–seeing as a little birdie told me they’d be missing quite a few from their main roster? Tune in and see!

Join atwas and a special guest co-caster live! Monday, August 15, 2016 @ 9:30pmEST on twitch.evltv!

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"@theownagekiller It's a few hours from now. Here's the ESEA page for the match:"
"Tonight #EVLTF2 actually takes on Hibbleton!"
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"The #EVLFAM has a big day ahead of them. #EVLSmash plays in the Aon Omega event and @EVLMannyB plays in the Gears Microsoft Lan event!"